Warranty Statement and Terms of Service
All products for which the Seller gives a warranty are subject to the warranty conditions set out in the warranty card. The buyer is obliged to keep the invoice and the warranty card for the entire warranty period.

Seller warrants that the product used in accordance with the enclosed instructions and warranty card will function properly within the warranty period. In case of defect and other possible defects, the Seller undertakes to repair or replace the product within a reasonable time in accordance with the Law on Obligations.

In the case of consumables (inks, toners), they must be originally packaged and undamaged.

The warranty period begins on the day of delivery, which is indicated on the invoice and the guarantee statement. The buyer may exercise the rights under the warranty card if he has complied with the enclosed instructions for use of the product.

Only authorized service personnel may repair the defects during the warranty period.

The rights under the guarantee are exercised by the authorized service providers or importers of certain products, with the submission of an invoice from Microteam and a warranty card issued by the authorized importer of the individual product. Costs and risk of delivery to the service are borne by the customer. In the event that the customer submits to the service a product that is correct, ie that works in accordance with the technical description and instruction manual, we will charge the customer for inspection and testing of the product according to the price list, as well as shipping costs. The advertised product must be packaged in its original packaging with all accessories and a short description of the defect.

If the repair lasts longer than 10 days, the warranty is extended for the length of the repair. In the event that the defect is not remedied within the warranty period within 45 days of receipt of the product for service and the product is not sent for repair to the supplier, Microteam agrees to replace it with another or to refund the amount to the buyer at the current market value of the same or similar / better product.


  • the software that comes with the product (only some products are associated with the software)
  • malfunctions resulting from improper handling
  • failures due to wear and tear of the device or its parts
  • malfunctions caused by an environment unsuitable for device operation
  • over-voltage work or malfunctions due to faulty electrical installation
  • failures caused by natural disasters or force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, ...)
  • batteries or battery leakage defects (applies to batteries that are an integral part of the product purchased)
  • mechanical damage or malfunctions resulting from mechanical damage, falls, etc.
  • Compatibility between components unless purchased with Microteam and obtained oral or written compatibility approvals
  • Dead pixel warranty on LCD monitors is manufacturer-defined (devices are not replaced).


  • upgrading, remodeling or switching without the written consent of Microteam
  • if the product is repaired or opened by unauthorized persons
  • use the product for a purpose other than its intended purpose
  • if the product came damaged to service due to improper packaging

The buyer has the right to return the product which was sent to him by mistake or the products which were damaged, and the damage did not occur during the transport, within 2 working days upon receipt of the shipment. Microteam will approve the return of the product in consultation with the customer (e-mail, telephone) and will send the customer a new shipment at no additional cost.

The buyer is obliged to make a complaint by email or by phone to Microteam within 2 business days after receiving the shipment.

Subsequent complaints will not be accepted.

Complaints are not acknowledged if the buyer has ordered the wrong product or does not like the ordered product.